Liberal Studies and Library department is headed by Mrs. Lucy Gichuki and deputized by Mrs. Lucy Mungai. The department has 20 lecturers and 10 non-teaching staff.

It is a support department in communication skills, entrepreneurship education and life skills. The department also offers Diploma in Social Work and Community Development.

The Library is also a section of the departments, whose Head of section is Agnes Muturi. In future the department will embark on the following new courses both in certificate and diploma;
1. Baking Technology
2. Hair dressing and Beauty Therapy
3. Library Information
4. Guidance and Counselling
5. Early Childhood Development

Currently the department offers the following teaching programs to the trainees.

1. Artisan in hair and beauty
2. Certificate in early child development
3. Certificate in hair and beauty
4. Certificate in librarian and information
5. Certificate in social work
6. Diploma in Early childhood
7. Diploma in early childhood development
8. Diploma in hair and beauty
9. Diploma In Librarian And Information
10. Diploma In Social Work And Community