The department offers Diploma and certificate courses in different fields as stipulated in our prospectus.
Other than the regular diploma and certificate courses, the department has embarked on developing short skills programsaimed at imparting employable skills to young Kenyans. These are important tools in the realization of Kenya’s Vision 2030.
The department has entrenched Quality Management System (QMS) as a tool to ensure quality service to our customers.
The department has qualified personnel with a student population of six hundred and twenty. The population is projected to be one thousand by 2018 and increases the admission of female students to 40% as it currently is 20%.
The department has well equipped workshop with well trained technicians for Masonry, Plumbing, Carpentry, Surveying, Building and Construction. In the area of Architecture the workshop is installed with computers which have CAD programs installed. As from January 2017 the department will start the following courses namely:

Currently the department offers the following teaching programs to the trainees.

1. Carpentry And Joinery
2. Carpentry And Joinery Grade 3
3. Certificate in autocad and archicad
4. Certificate In Building Technology
5. Certificate in glazing and Aliminium Fitting
6. Certificate In Masonry
7. Certificate In Plumbing
8. Diploma In Architecture
9. Diploma In Building
10. Diploma In Bulding Technology
11. Diploma In Civil Engineering
12. Diploma In Land Survey
13. Diploma In Quantity Survey
14. Diploma Quantitative Survey
15. Masonary grade 2
16. Masonry Grade 3
17. Parallel In Diploma Building Technology
18. Parallel In Diploma In Civil Engineering
19. part time in painting and decoration
20. Plumbing Grade 1
21. Plumbing Grade 11
22. Plumbing Grade 2
23. Plumbing Grade 3
24. Refer certificate in building
25. Refer in building and civil